Put Some Fish In Your Diet!

Athletes and bodybuilders concerned about getting enough protein often grab for the nearest piece of beef or chicken or maybe […]

Let’s Examine Your Workout

A FITNESS AND NUTRITION TRANSFORMATION BLUEPRINT This is the 9th weekly installment of a 10-part series to help Agenda readers […]

Fight Hair Loss with PRP

By Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera Hair loss is a very touchy subject for men. Guys tend to feel younger and more […]

Sharpen Your Focus

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Part 8 of 10: A Fitness & Nutrition Transformation Blueprint

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Morning Workouts: The Start To A Dynamite Day!

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Part 7 Of 10: A Fitness & Nutrition Transformation Blueprint

YES, IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two But I can shake, shake […]

Chunky To Chic This Spring

Just this morning, I faced three clients with three seemingly different situations. The first man was returning to the gym […]

Oh Hell! It’s Leg Day!

So you hate working legs at the gym? Join the club! The weight training exercises involved in building mass and […]

Spruce Up Your Spring Workouts: Try Cross Training

Ancient Greeks praised the virtues of multi-sport training two thousand years ago claiming it created well-rounded athletes who possessed bodies […]