Your Most Important Muscle: Your Heart

On Saturday, March 29th, my friend Craig suffered a heart attack. While this was a devastating time for both of […]

Your Grooming Guide for Summer 2015

  1 Anti-Aging Serum Andalou Fruit Stem Cell Revitalize Serum This ‘miracle in a bottle’ instantly goes to work with […]

Bringing Up The Rear: Getting Great Glutes

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Spectacular Pectorals: Part II

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Spectacular Pectorals: Part 1

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Tapered Perfection: A Back Workout

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Shoulders Like Boulders

What constitutes a really fine physique? Everyone has an opinion. A tapered, V-shaped back, biceps like soft balls, a shapely […]

Terrific Triceps Training Tips!

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Bigger Beefier Biceps By Summer!

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A Healthy Fat Burning Strategy

Dieting seems to be a global obsession. Surefire supplements, fad diets and fitness gurus everywhere promise sensational, if not unrealistic […]