• Last Call With Dean Knapp: From Golfer To Bartender

    Last Call With Dean Knapp: From Golfer To Bartender

    Sidelines bartender Dean Knapp is proof positive that having an understated and mellow personality doesn’t mean that your life story has to be anything of the sort. Knapp’s journey is an unlikely tale paved with one curious experience after the next. And it all started in upstate New York. Most of Knapp’s childhood was spent in the sleepy village of […]

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    Mona’s Cocktail Lounge Is A Fundraising Machine

    Just this past Independence Day, Mona’s presented the Pet Project with a fundraising check of $14,000—an exceptional amount was raised in a single day during one of Mona’s “Hot Diggidy Dog Barbecue” events. But that’s nothing new for the 18-year-old establishment. Since Mona’s opened, the lounge has given back to the community consistently in one way or another […]

  • Parrot Island Scuba Adventures

    Explore An Exotic Pool And The Open Waters Of Florida

    Let’s be honest. All of us Floridians might as well be considered aquatic mammals for as much as we frequent the beach or dive into one of the many private and public pools throughout our state. And you can’t blame us, because living on the subtropical peninsula surrounded by water and soaked by sunshine, the […]

  • Last Call With Damian Soriano, The Cuban American Crossover

    Last Call With Damian Soriano, The Cuban American Crossover

    At 30 years of age, Damian Soriano is elated to call himself an American. In May of 2015, after six years in America, Soriano became a legal United States citizen. “Cuba is my country so I love it but I’m never going back,” says Soriano. “There’s nothing for me there.” Life in Cuba is restricted in […]

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    Get Salted: It’s Known To Improve The Body & Mind

    It’s been an uphill battle for Suzann Hollis since her tragic construction accident 18 years ago, but she’s finally found her saving grace and she’s committed to sharing it with the rest of us. “I couldn’t find a passion after the accident.” Hollis confessed. “Now, I know I want to leave a healing legacy.” On […]

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    Boardwalk Bartender John Arculeo, Both Brains & Brawn

    Take one look at 24-year-old John Arculeo and there’s no mistaking that he hits the gym hard. Then, have a conversation with him and you can immediately tell that he also has a good head on his shoulders. Arculeo has been putting his brain muscles and body muscles to work to get what he wants […]